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    Device platform for laser machines

    More power, more precision, more flexibility. The new MeDioStar sets standards in aesthetic laser treatment and communicates this in its formal appearance. The self-confident design integrates seamlessly into clinics and studios and offers many intelligent functions. The holistic product development in cooperation with Asclepion Laser Technologies GmbH also proves to be a cooperative recipe for success with the new MeDioStar.


    The modular basic structure of the MeDioStar makes it possible to adapt the range of functions and services to individual requirements. To this end, the Plug & Play Trolley can be flexibly extended with interchangeable modules. In the event of maintenance, the upper unit can be opened by a technician for simple and ergonomic repair.


    The aim of the new equipment platform is to use many common parts throughout the brand’s product portfolio. For this purpose, a system of expandable and flexibly usable components was developed, which reduces the costs of product development and manufacturing in a future-oriented manner.


    The hood segments of the device enclosure rely on tools with interchangeable inserts for different products, the display unit becomes a new standard at Asclepion Laser Technologies GmbH, and bezels as well as purchased parts were specifically developed and selected for broad application purposes.


    A standard has also been developed for the intuitive user interface, which can be adapted to the various machines for aesthetic laser treatment without the user having to learn new operating logic or interaction elements.


    The MeDioStar shows all the strengths of a holistic and cooperative product development by WOLFRAM designers and engineers.


    Laser Technologies GmbH


    service period


    Structural concept
    Product Design
    frame engineering
    Injection molding engineering
    user interface design


    IDA Design Award 2019