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    Definition of relevant parameters

    Set course to effectively reach the target result


    On the basis of on-site meetings, the specifications, manuals and joint kick-off meetings, we gain a deep insight into your technologies and processes in order to clearly define the requirements for product development. The more concrete the input, the more focused we can be on the project and develop user-specific solutions for your individual situation.



    An abstract, schematic model depicts the processes of your technology and can reveal optimization needs and development potentials. The essential functionalities and structure are formulated into a product concept in the course of system modeling. In this way, we ensure that all system-relevant components are taken into account during product development.



    The selection of the right technology for the individual components is crucial for the economic success and scalability of your product. When selecting the technology, we take into account the technical requirements, existing manufacturing competencies, the annual production run as well as the available cost and time frame.

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    project phase

    project roadmap


    Structural and design conception

    Integration of basic functions and design aspects

    Structural concept

    We develop strategic design and construction concepts according to your individual requirements and target definitions. The basic structure ensures unrestricted functionality on the one hand and defines the design scope on the other. An intelligent basic structure reduces the number of system components and reduces the susceptibility to errors.


    Design development

    Unmistakability is a fundamental characteristic of many products. A clear corporate product design (CPD) in accordance with your CI specifications strengthens your corporate identity and confidence in the product and brand. With our industrial design for medical products, you address the target group of your product on both a functional and emotional level.


    UI / UX Design

    An intuitive user interface is the basic requirement for high usability, effective production and the key to Industry 4.0. We analyze and optimize the structure and operating logic of the interface between your product and the user and develop an ergonomic user interface according to your corporate identity.



    The three-dimensional model of your product is the first test in reality. We develop prototypes according to the respective stage of development to evaluate specific aspects such as dimension, ergonomics, manageability, function, assembly, color and surface finish.

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    project phase



    Detailed engineering

    Detailing of design and mechanical CAD engineering

    3D CAD design

    From the component separation to the complete assembly space arrangement (package), all relevant details are built up parametrically three-dimensionally in CAD and concretized in native data sets. All production-related parameters are incorporated into the detailed design according to the selected technology. We detail the fits and tolerances relevant for the assembly pairings and function.

    Load analysis

    In order to identify and correct critical areas of components, we simulate the structural-mechanical behavior under defined loads or parametrically using flexible variables.  In addition, we carry out collision analyses of installation spaces and dynamic interference contours, FMEA risk analyses and ergonomic studies.


    Mechanical engineering

    Our design department specializes in tool-specific design optimization and works closely with your manufacturers in mechanical design in order to carry out necessary agreements directly and avoid revision loops. We take over the integration of purchased parts, standard parts as well as production parts and support you in the selection of manufacturers and suppliers.


    Kinematic systems

    As a long-standing service provider in the field of machine and system development, we draw on a wealth of experience in the field of kinematic systems. We design innovative and patent-ready mechanisms for every requirement and develop the entire solution up to series production readiness.

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    project phase

    3D CAD model


    Full documentation

    Development of manufacturing data, drawing sets and guidelines

    Approval support

    We support you in keeping the time frame for product development and approval as short as possible. Before the final detailing of the production data, you already have the possibility to apply for approval with a pre-model and to check the manageability and assembly suitability. This parallelized development process saves you time and reduces development costs.

    Drawing sets & parts lists

    We take technical standards as well as work or legal guidelines into account when executing complete production and assembly drawing sets. The documentation is supplemented by the creation of general arrangement drawings, exploded views, product data sheets and parts lists.


    Design guidelines

    Key visual features such as confident product graphics and branding reinforce the personality of your brand. With our design guidelines and product design manuals, you have the opportunity to consistently apply your brand’s identity to your entire product portfolio in order to sustainably differentiate yourself from competitors.

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    project phase

    manufacturing data