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    Juliet laser handpiece

    hygiene first

    The Juliet Laser handpiece is used for intravaginal laser treatment and thus places particularly high demands on an emotionally positive design that strengthens trust. The primary goal is to reduce the fear of such an intimate laser treatment.


    In close cooperation with Asclepion Laser Technologies, the previously handcrafted handpiece was completely redeveloped. The feminine, sympathetic design and soft aesthetics reduce inhibitions and blend in with the formal aesthetics of modern treatment rooms.


    The handpiece is delivered in sterile packaging to meet the highest hygiene standards. The laser technology in the form of a narrow cylinder is inserted into the handpiece before use and has no direct contact with the patient during treatment. Two scales facilitate safe and targeted treatment for the physician. Repeated use of the handpiece is deliberately prevented.


    The newly designed handpiece is manufactured using two-component injection molding and was designed by WOLFRAM designers and engineers to be production-ready. The selected process of 2K injection molding series production enables the high-quality production of the handpiece designed for single use (disposable) in large quantities.


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