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    MultiPulse HoPLUS

    Design development for surgical laser

    The Multipulse HoPlus is one of the most versatile laser systems in urology. It has successfully established itself in the surgical market for the disintegration and fragmentation of stones. Neither the composition nor the anatomical position of the stones is a limiting criterion.


    With its clear and hygienic product aesthetics, the machine enclosure is explicitly designed for the medical sector and its high demands on product quality. The low physical stress and reduced risk of minimally invasive surgery underlie the design. It conveys safety to the patient, reduces stress and helps to lower the fears of treatment. The cosmetic laser benefits from an all-around coherent and sophisticated appearance.


    The modern technology of the precise YAG laser was intelligently integrated into the housing in accordance with medical regulations to facilitate approval for surgical products and to make the development period as short as possible.


    All technical components were already functionally integrated into the prototype of the surgical YAG laser so that the product could be fully tested for its applicability and plausibility. By designing the components to be suitable for series production, the design could be quickly and effectively transferred to series production.


    The user interface was completely redesigned in 2019 by WOLFRAM designers and engineers for ergonomic readability and intuitive operation. A new operating concept with treatment parameters always visible and the choice between a light and dark mode optimize the product for use in operating rooms and treatment rooms.

    Jena Surgical



    service period


    product design
    series production
    UI / UX design


    IDA Design Award 2019 (UI / UX)