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    NIR finder SD


    NIR analyzer Finder SD

    The handy NIR (near infrared) analysis system Finder SD is used for the reliable and rapid detection and evaluation of substance components. It can be used conveniently and cost-effectively throughout the entire manufacturing process. For example, concentrations such as the fat, water or protein content of starting substances can be determined and evaluated directly on site. This is of great importance in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as in the food and agricultural sectors.


    The design process for Hiperscan began by investigating and evaluating constructive ideas and concepts. According to the brand image and the existing manufacturing and assembly possibilities, design features and variants of the shape were developed. The development process benefited from intensive cooperation with short communication channels and early decisions.


    On the basis of meaningful visualizations of the preferred variants, an integrative design concept could be selected as the basis for further product development and design precision in the parametric CAD system. In order to comply with the required housing protection class, special focus was placed on ensuring ease of assembly and ergonomic accessibility. The anodized aluminum frame and the glass surface make the enclosure resistant to media and suitable for use in chemical laboratories


    In cooperation with partners from the fields of manufacturing and model making, the first prototype was functionally assembled in the company’s own workshop and tested for usability and manufacturing quality. After incorporating design corrections, drawings, parts lists and documentation were handed over to Hiperscan for optimized series production.




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